PAX Labs, Inc., aims to deliver the ultimate vaporization experience. At PAX Labs, Inc., we are leading the vaporization movement with our innovative, premium vaporizers, PAX and JUUL.

Sunday Goods

We believe that everyone should have access to the magic of cannabis in the way that is right for them. To achieve this we are growing all-natural, top-quality cannabis that produces specific effects through high-integrity growing. Effects that shine through our respect for the whole plant.

Wax Liquidizer

Convert your preferred herbal oil into a vapeable E-liquid with our Wax Liquidizer products, designed to enhance the flavor of the oil or allow you to experience the tasty concentrate to the fullest. We choose only high-quality ingredients to ensure superior performance and to heighten the effect of your vaping experience.

True Humboldt

True Humboldt embodies the tradition, community, and consumer education around CA’s finest cannabis. Sun grown, sustainably cultivated, and all natural.

Willie’s Reserve

Friends, fans and fellow musicians can attest to that. For decades, as Willie and his band traveled from town to town, pot enthusiasts flocked to his shows, their pockets stuffed with offerings from their home gardens and local communities. They happily shared their bounty. And Willie gladly returned the favor.

Wu Goo

Flavored THC Oil made with Speakeasy Dispensary

Zef Zol

The Natural Cannabis Company is collaborating with South African counterculture hip-hop duo Die Antwoord to bring you a special edition line of cannabis-infused goodies.