Preserve your goods with a cannabis humidor

A cannabis humidor container is a humidity-controlled box or room used primarily for storing marijuana. Either too much or too little humidity can be harmful to cannabis products; a humidor’s primary function is to maintain a steady, desirable moisture level inside; secondarily it protects its contents from physical damage and deterioration from sunlight. All herb humidors contain a permanent humidifying system which keeps the air moist, which in turn keeps the cigars moist. Without a humidor, within 2 to 3 days, herb will quickly lose moisture and level up with the general humidity around them. The ideal relative humidity in a humidor is around 68-72%. Though it can vary slightly depending on the cannabis user’s preferences, it should never go higher than 75%.

Most marijuana humidifying elements are passive, releasing stored humidity through evaporation and diffusion. The use of a 50/50 solution of propylene glycol and distilled water is recommended for replenishing the passive humidifying element, as it has a buffering effect on air humidity, maintaining it at approximately 70%. Retailers and manufacturers claim propylene glycol also has mild anti-fungal and antibacterial properties; distilled water should always be used, due to its lack of minerals, additives, or bacteria. Electronic humidifiers are also available, although usually reserved for very large cannabis humidors. A sensor measures the outside humidity and then activates a ventilator, which blows air over a humid sponge or water tank into the humidor. Once the preset humidity level has been reached the ventilator stops. This way electronic herb humidifiers can maintain a much more stable humidity level than passive humidifiers. Also they typically will activate an alarm to notify when the moisture supply needs refilling, to prevent humidity drops. The accuracy of electronic cannabis humidifiers depends primarily on the integrated type of sensor; the capacitive type are preferred.


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