Artisanal Vaporizers

VapeExhale – At XHL, we have a simple goal: to deliver the tastiest, most potent, and smoothest aromatherapy experience possible. Instead of focusing on technical components, let’s take a look at what really makes the EVO experience unique and unforgettable, our HydraTubes


Our artisan-made HydraTubes bestow an arsenal of customizable percolation and diffusion options to harness moisture conditioned aromas that are non-irritating and organically delicious.

All of our glass components are carefully sculpted of the highest grade borosilicate glass and delicately blown by hand with uniform consistency. Crafted with enhanced user experience at the heart of our design and functionality, all of our mouthpieces provide minimal air-flow resistance and serve as a medium for all inhalation styles to achieve optimum production with regardless of individual lung power.